2 billion stockings are produced every year and a lot end up at landfills. Textiles should never be thrown away and we are working hard to find new ways to recycle our tights and socks. There is still a long way to go before we find a way to fully recycle tights and socks but until then here are some easy ways to extend the life of your garments;

The thickness of the stocking is indicated in Denier, (D), a measure of the thickness of the yarn. 15D – 30D are considered thin stockings, while 40D or more are considered thick, thus less sensitive.

Before use:

  • Stretch your new stockings in both length and width before putting them on the first time.

  • Soften both hands and feet with a little moisturizing lotion to reduce friction.


After use:

  1. Rinse your socks by hand or wash them with your regular shampoo after use (A life hack is to bring them with you into the shower and wash them while showering). Machine washing results in powerful mechanical wear that contributes to fibre release and can cause pilling.
  2. If washing in the machine, use a washing bag and run a full machine at 30°c or maximum 40 °c.
  3. What many of us don’t know is that there are smart ways to mend tights and socks and give them a longer life. Follow these steps when accident struck and you need a way to mend your heroes.